The TST publishes regular bulletins which keep people up-to-date on the work and life of the TST and the cluster of  new communities.


The reflection letters aim to share the spiritual basis for OWITF. They are sent to Brothers and others who express interest in receiving them.


Find here various resources  for the spirituality underpinning OWITF which could be used for personal reflection or community prayer.

  • Ghana (Tamale) Place of the 3rd Orientation Programme

    Beginning 17 September until 22 December, 2017

  • Moments of Outreach (India)

    The beginnings of community engagement in India

  • The Opening Ceremony in Shillong

    Participants gather for the Orientation Programme

  • Brothers Journey Together in Shillong

    The 2nd Orientation Programme offers a way forward!

  • Community Engagement in Shillong

  • Participants for the 3rd OP in Tamale

  • Deep Awareness of Global Issues

  • Empowerment of the Local Community

  • Advanced Skills Training in Zambia

  • Outreach to Youth


Our Way Into The Future is not simply

attempting to adjust what we have been doing.

It is presenting something


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