The Choice of India for the 2nd Cluster

             The TST announced recently that the second cluster of communities would be in India. Following many discussions with the Brothers of the Indian Province, and very encouraging dialogue with the Leadership Team, it was felt that India would be ideal for the establishment of the second cluster. Many Brothers in India are keen to be involved in establishing an OWITF cluster, and they are confident that they will be ready to participate in this new initiative.

            There is no doubt that there are many needs that the Brothers can help people address in a community engagement process. Already, many Brothers in India have good experience of working with people at the margins, and they are enthusiastic about establishing this new cluster of communities.

            It is hoped that Brothers from outside of India will also join this second cluster. Invitation letters will be published very soon, inviting Brothers to express an interest in participating in this exciting venture.

           As it turned out, many of the Brothers from the various African countries could not get visas for India.  Also Chris from the TST was also unable to get a visa. Moy from Australia and Dennis from the Philippines did eventually obtain a tourist visa but were obliged to exit the country each month and then return.  Not a very helpful situation.