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Closing Ceremony for the Leaders and Formators Programme

The day began with Mass, celebrated by Fr Michael Murphy, a Kiltegan Priest, who has been our chaplain for the entire programme.  The experience of a meaningful liturgy is something that the Brothers have appreciated throughout the programme, and this is in no small way due to the beautiful presence of Fr Michael. Then some […]


And so the month-long Leaders and Formators Programme (LFP)came to an conclusion today.  The Brothers met as usual for a rich morning prayer where all the elements of the programme were reflected in the centrepiece. The Brothers were invited to spend some personal time, reflecting on the learnings that they had harvested over the month. […]

Generative Listening and Speaking

Day three was devoted to the skills required to use Theory U effectively.  David explained the seven principles of generative listening: Slow down and be present Pay attention to the words of the people Pay attention to the words and images used by the speaker Become aware of their feelings Suspend judgements Seek clarification by […]

Profiles of Leaders

The morning continued on from yesterday where the Brothers concentrated on the various toxins that may be preventing the Brothers from moving on.  Donal then explained the four types of leadership: Traditional, Participative, Visionary and Co-Creative.  One could say that the order listed here reflects the development over the years as to how our leaders […]

Co-Creative Leadership

Donal and David presented this three-day workshop.  David began by outlining how religious orders grow, develop and usually decline within the space of three hundred years.  He then went on to show how organisations can go through various stages before ceasing to exist.  He then explained how Theory U is designed to move organisations that […]

Nelson Mandela and Apartheid

On Tuesday, the Brothers visited the Apartheid museum.  The Apartheid Museum takes you on a journey beginning with segregation, the cornerstone of apartheid, through the years of race classification and the oppression of the nationalist regime, then the rise of black consciousness and the armed struggle, to the release of Nelson Mandela and negotiations for […]

The Experience of Apartheid

  The Leaders and Formators programme has included a brief immersion module to introduce the participants to the reality of Apartheid that existed in South Africa from 1948 until the early 1990s.  The first place that the Brothers visited was Liliesleaf Farm. Recognised as one of South Africa’s leading heritage sites, Liliesleaf opened to the […]


The last day of this interesting workshop on Transactional Analysis focused on how communication can be improved by using such models as Anita Mountain’s ‘Concept for thinking’ which goes from Basic safety through positive reinforcement, clear communication, productive activity, integration to final celebration.  David Rock’s SCARF model was also briefly explained:  Safety, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness […]

Psychological Games and Discounting

The morning began with Karen continuing work on psychological games, helping the Brothers understand how games can be played out in our everyday lives.  She went on then to introduce the concept of working styles, showing how people manage feelings of not OKness.  She explained that all of us have one or two working styles […]

I’m OK, You’re OK

Karen continued the TA workshop by introducing what Eric Berne termed existential positions.  This refers to how we view ourselves and others.  There are four possible positions: I’M OK – YOU’RE OK (Healthy position) I’M NOT OK – YOU’RE OK (Helpless position) I’M OK – YOU’RE NOT OK (Hurtful position) I’M NOT OK – YOU’RE […]