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Laudato Si

Wednesday was a half day with classes only in the morning, following the pattern of previous weeks. The morning prayer continued the Easter theme, with a reading telling how Mary turned twice before she recognized the Lord. We reflected on how we find it difficult to recognize the Risen Lord and in what circumstances we […]

On Tuesday 23rdthe Brothers in the Orientation Program welcomed Sr Lynette and Br Michael Godfrey to lead the group in a week of study on Cosmology. The focus of this week is on Cosmology. The Morning prayer included a reading of the Genesis creation story followed by a viewing of the video “The Dream’. At […]

The Africa Province Assembly

The Orientation Programme took some time out to allow the Brothers to attend the Africa Province Assembly which took place during Holy Week.  From all accounts, it was a very successful gathering of Brothers from all the Districts of Africa.  In all, 113 Brothers attended.

Harvesting and the CLT

The morning was spent harvesting the learnings from the previous week’s workshops as well as spending time with the Congregation Leadership Team. The first part of the morning had the Brothers reflecting on what they had gained from the workshops on nonviolent communication and the Edmund Rice mission.  The Brothers had been given a reflection […]

Edmund Rice Mission and Ministry- Day 4

Francis continued his workshop by showing the video of A People Led by the Spirit which outlined the development of the Congregation since its earliest foundation, and leading to the present day.  Then he invited the Brothers to reflect on the message of Philip Pinto, the then Congregation Leader, who encouraged the Brothers to dare to face […]

Edmund Rice Mission – Day 3

Francis continued the workshop on Edmund Rice mission by focusing on the framework document where it outlines the mission of the Congregation.  Words like compassion, liberation of the people, the marginalized, mutual transformation and human rights all point to the direction that the Congregation is taking. Francis invited the Brothers to reflect on the challenges […]

Integration Day

Today, the Brothers went to Dimesse Retreat Centre and Mwangaza to spend the day in quiet reflection on the material that they received over the previous four weeks.  This time of integration focused on the idea of transformation that often occurs in the darkness and silence of one’s heart.  By way of help to deepen […]

The Sustainable Development Goals

The day was devoted to sharing information on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The day was facilitated by Sister Lynette Rodrigues who had been intimately involved in the preparation and drawing up of the SDGs at the United Nations. Lynette outlined the history of the development of the SDGs, beginning with the Millennium Development Goals […]

Edmund Rice Mission

The morning prayer introduced the theme of the Edmund Rice mission where the Brothers reflected on quotations from the Christian Brothers Constitution. Francis Hall then introduced the theme of the Edmund Rice mission and sought from the Brothers their exceptions for the four-day workshop. He then outlined some of the salient moments in the life […]

With Empathy there is no blame!

On the final day of the NVC workshop, Sunil stressed the importance of laying a good foundation   as we seek to express ourselves and communicate what is alive in our hearts.  As wells as this self-communication, he also pointed out the challenge to connect with what is alive in other people’s hearts. He then […]