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The New Cosmology

Sister Ann Itotia, a Mercy Sister, who lectures in Tangaza University.  She had been on the leadership teams of the Mercy Sisters in Africa.  Since 2008, she has been teaching creation spirituality. She talked about the unfolding story of love and the meaning of love.  She stressed the interconnectedness of all life and the importance […]

The Unfolding Story of Love: Coming Home to the Cosmos

      Tony Hempenstall, a Christian Brother from Australia, and Sister Alba Rodrigues, a Presentation Sister from India opened the workshop on the New Cosmology. Tony stressed at the outset that this workshop is all about compassion and love and that this aspect of life lies at the very heart of God’s creative power. Creation […]

A Day’s Outing

During the Orientation Programme there are moments when the Brothers take a break from the intensity of the programme.  This was such a day.  Having spent the last five days discussing such weighty matters such as Church, Jesus and God, the Brothers went to Karura Forest. Karura Forest is 1,041 ha (2,570 acre) consisting of […]

A Day for Harvesting

The day began with the beginnings of celebrations for the birthday of Bruce.  The morning prayer focused on life, love and being to emphasise the gift of Bruce to the community, and to underline the importance of these three qualities for the life of all beings and that of the planet. Philip invited the Brothers […]


Philip began the day focusing on the person of Jesus.  He pointed out that the Scriptures can be used to justify what we want to hold dear and in so doing we can create an image of Jesus that we feel comfortable with.  He showed how many social evils (slavery and persecution) have used the […]

The Exile

Philip took the image of the exile, to show how we are being challenged to move away from beliefs that we grew up and which no longer help us.  He asked ‘What happens when the beliefs and customs of a person no longer sustains the person in a time of transition?  He outlined the history […]

The Church

Philip continued his workshop, taking the theme of the Church.  He pointed out that the function of the Church is to help us live the vision of Jesus. Sadly, he said, the Church no longer fulfils this function, and has often become an obstacle to living this vision. Scandals and preoccupation with rubrics and laws […]

A Contemporary Understanding of Jesus and Religious Life

Today, we began a five-day workshop to be given by Philip Pinto, former Congregation Leader of the Christian Brothers. The theme of the workshop is:  A Contemporary Understanding of Jesus and Religious Life.  Some of the ideas that Philip shared on the first day of the workshop. The essence of being Brother is sharing spirituality.  […]

Workshop on Feedback

  The workshop on Feedback, facilitated by Donal and David,  straddled the Friday and Saturday programme.  This workshop proved to be invaluable in raising the issue of how best to point out difficulties in the behaviour or performance of a fellow Brother.  The session began where Brothers shared their experiences of being criticised by another […]

Outreach Experience

After the daily centering prayer, the Brothers prepared to go to Kibera slum for a day of immersion with the people of this area.  Previously, the Brothers had visited the slum for a day where they experienced the life of Kibera, and saw how people managed to live under such difficult circumstances.  This time, the […]