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The Missioning Ceremony

Today the Missioning Ceremony of the 5thOrientation Programme  took place when the 15 Brother participants  gathered in the Little Daughters of St. Joseph Retreat Centre along with invited guests.  This was be an important moment for the Brothers when they were being missioned back to their respective countries. The choir from Edmund Rice School Embulbul […]

Final Evaluation

Today was the final day of the Orientation Programme and was devoted to evaluating the whole experience.  Bev Watkinson, from the Ruban Centre, conducted the morning’s work. She began by stressing that every experience requires us to reflect on it so that we can learn and then apply the learning to our daily lives and […]


  Today Amandi and Bill began the day with looking back on what had been done the previous day and taking some of the reflections from the Brothers. Then, they enacted a role play where a Brother returned to his community and attempted to introduce some of the spiritual practices that they had experienced during […]


Today began a two-day process of helping the participants to think about how best to re-enter their communities.  The process was facilitated by the Community Support Team from the East Africa District comprising Tom Kearny, Bill Colford and Amandi Mboya.  The session began with the team playing the song Follow Me which led to a good discussion […]

Holistic Approach to Ministry

Hedwig continued her workshop on a Rights-Based Sustainable Mission by stressing the difference between the banking approach to education and the pedagogy of the oppressed.  In the former approach, the teacher is considered the one with all the information while the student is a passive receptacle for the knowledge being handed down.  In the latter […]

Rights-Based Sustainable Development

Rights-based sustainable mission This two-day workshop is being facilitated by Hedwig Nafula from the Wholistic Leadership Group.  Hedwig began by stressing the importance of recognising the part that God plays as we are being sent to serve.  She outlined the elements of the workshop as: Learning project language The move from charity, needs-based approach to […]

Final Integration Day

  Today, the Brothers have gone to spend the day in reflecting on what they have learnt over the past three months, and how the learnings have impacted on their lives.  This is a significant moment for them as they seek to integrate the various insights and learnings that have occurred over the twelve weeks […]

The Transformation on Conflict

  Andrew began the final day of the workshop on Conflict Transformation by stressing that we need to view conflict through multiple lenses.  Figuratively, he said we need to view conflict through a window and not at a mirror.  This means that we seize the window of opportunity where we change the way we operate […]

The Impact of Conflict

Andrew continued his workshop on conflict transformation by stressing that the fundamental way to prevent conflict is by mastering oneself and knowing the other person as well as knowing oneself.  He said that the journey to transformation involves unravelling the actors, the structures and the culture.  If we can do this, we are on the […]

Conflict Transformation

Today began a three-day workshop on managing conflict.  Mr Andrew Otsieno is the presenter, a person who has vast experience in this field, working with the business community as well as with religious.   Instead of using the term ‘managing conflict’, Andrew preferred to use the term conflict transformation, and explained that conflict is normal […]