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Workshop on Transactional Analysis

This week-long workshop was entitled ‘Understanding Self and Others.’ David presented the key concepts of Transactional Analysis (TA), explaining how Script Analysis, Ego State analysis, Transactional Analysis proper, and Game analysis go to help people understand their individual or intrapsychic activity as well and providing material to help understand our inter-personal dynamics. Each day consisted […]

Laudato Si

Day four began with a meaningful prayer which highlighted our place in relation to the earth. Laodato Si was discussed as one of Pope Francis’ attempts in reforming the Church and ways in which we can proactively care for the Earth was presented through powerpoint presentations. The presentations throughout the day revolved around Allan Johannes’ […]

The Jewish-Christian Story

Days two and three, traced the Jewish Christian Story beginning with the Creation Story down through the centuries to the time of Jesus where we tried to see how the Earth was percieved positively in the Christian tradition and scripture texts were explored in the light of Yahweh’s benovolence towards the Earth Community. The positive […]

Workshop on Emerging Cosmology

The sixth week of the OP at Nairobi, was dedicated to the study of The Emerging Cosmology through a Workshop facilitated by Fr. Robert Athickal SJ who is the founder of the Ecological Centre – Tarumitra (Friend of Trees), Patna, India. The theme of Ecology and Eco-spirituality was the  highlight of the week. On the […]

Sexuality Workshop

Donal gave a very comprehensive four-day workshop on sexuality.  He explained how sexuality and spirituality are intimately linked, and how the dark energy (expanding) and dark matter (contracting) reflect the two-fold dynamic of sexuality that is expansive on the one hand and yet needs also to be grounded in reality. He differentiated between women and […]

Week-long Workshop on Transactional Analysis (TA)

  This week-long workshop on TA was entitled, ‘Understanding Self and Others.’  The aims of the workshop were to assist Brothers to understand their individual intrapsychic dynamics that lie at the foundation of their belief in self, others and the future, as well as helping them to have a real understanding of how the dynamics […]

Theological Reflection

Following the experience of immersion in Kibera slum, the Brothers were invited to engage in some theological reflection. Theological reflection is an excellent tool to enable people systematically to explore life’s experiences, to reflect critically upon their meaning, and to theologize explicitly about the God event in their lives in light of the ourChristian tradition. The process […]

Immersion Experience

Part of the value of the Orientation Programme is that it affords the Brothers the opportunity to experience what life is like among the marginalised in society.  The Brothers went today to Kibera, a slum of over a million people who have to live in the most challenging of circumstances.  The first port of call […]

Life in Nairobi

We were very fortunate to have had the wisdom and learning from Dr Aloys Otieno Ojore, lecturer in Tangaza University from the Arts and Social Sciences Department. Dr Aloys has a Doctorate in Practical Theology from Cambridge.  He lectures on religion, theology, social teaching of the Church, justice, and governance to name just some of […]

MBTI – day three

Sunil explained how the judging (J) and perceiving (P) people view tasks.  The Js prefer an organised lifestyle, make short-and long-term plans and then follow through.  They life to have things decided. The Ps on the other hand prefer a more flexible lifestyle and adjust flexibly to new information and changes, and prefer to explore […]