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Missioning Ceremony

The ceremony of missioning at the Little Daughters of St. Joseph Spirituality Centre comes at the conclusion of three months in the Orientation Programme or OP.  For the last twelve weeks, twenty-one Christian Brothers have engaged in an experience of renewal and transformation.  Now, they were leaving to return to their home Province or District. […]

Evaluation of the Orientation Programme

Bev Watkinson came to assist the Brothers to evaluate the OP. Bev formerly worked in Centrecare in Queensland and has been in Nairobi for the last two years. She is a volunteer at the Ruban Centre. She encouraged the group to be honest as they reflect on the process of the OP. She introduced the 5 […]

Looking to the Future

The morning prayer took the theme of ‘Embracing Change’ and took a passage from the Gitasaar which focused on the idea of the present happening NOW! The prayer concluded with the following prayer: Face the future, for the past is over and gone. Live with the memories. Learn with the memories. Learn from experiences. Let […]

The final week of the Orientation Programme began with the idea of ‘Looking Back’. The theme of gratitude featured large in the morning prayer where Brothers were invited to reflect on what they were grateful for. They reviewed briefly the various elements of the programme. The sessions in the morning began to examine possible shifts that […]

Discernment Process

The morning prayer included the ceremony of the renewal of annual vows for Bruce, Clive and Smart.  We also celebrated the birthday if Kephas who was 36 today. The first session of the morning was devoted to the idea of discernment.  Francis Hall facilitated this session, inviting the Brothers to examine what is involved in […]

Edmund Rice Camps

  On Friday, the Brothers went to experience what an Edmund Rice Camp was like.  This was indeed an inspiring and challenging moment where the Brothers joined the Edmund Rice group of volunteers who regularly take a group of young children for a day’s outing of activities and games.  All the Brothers were invited to […]

The Energy that Moves Us!

The day found the Brothers engaged in developing further understanding on the concept of energy, proposed by Diarmuid  O’ Murchu as an important concept in our understanding of life and spirituality. Sr. Alba shared with the Brothers the different manifestations of energy, impacts the universe and the different ways it can be used positively. The […]

Ministry in Prophetic Religious Life

Today, the Brothers celebrated Presentation Day for the Sisters of the Presentation.  We congratulated Alba on this remembrance of the contribution of Nano Nagle. Francis Hall presented the idea of Prophetic religious life, inviting the Brothers to explore what specifically was prophetic about religious life.  He outlined the various Chapter documents which stressed the prophetic […]

Conflict Management Part II

The day began with a ceremony of reconciliation where Brothers shared on some experiences of forgiveness that they had undergone in the past.  Then all were invited to wash the hands of a companion as a symbol of reconciliation. Kathy then began the second day of the workshop by  asking the group to share or […]

Conflict Management

Kathy Vaughan began the workshop by getting the groups to mingle and share their hopes and expectations for the workshop as well as sharing their learnings about conflict from their past.  Then, she invited the group to list the norms for the successful running of the two days.  She defined conflict as ‘An expressed struggle […]