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What Does Vocation Mean for Us?

This week the morning prayer consisted of 20 minutes of centering prayer. Then Diarmuid O Murchu began his workshop on Religious Life and the emerging spirituality. He began by asking the question, ‘What does vocation mean for us now?’  He went on to say that he believes that ministry is linked intimately to our identity […]

Saturday Check-in

The check-in takes place today with Brigit, Chris and  Donal facilitating the groups to reflect on the week that has passed. During the check-in, there is time first to reflect on a passage from literature that attempts to capture something that will spark a deeper awareness of what has gone on over the last week. […]

The Journey toward a Contemplative Lifestyle

As we come to the conclusion of the centering prayer retreat,we listened to Fr Thomas Keating on the method of centering prayer.  He  went through the four stages of the method again, clarifying some misconceptions that people might have.  He placed centering prayer in the context of our search for God, showing how this method […]

Fr Thomas Keating

On day four of our centering prayer retreat, we listen to the words of Fr Thomas Keating.  Wikipedia gives this bio of Fr Keating: Fr. Thomas Keating, O.C.S.O. (born 7 March 1923) is a Trappist monk and priest, known as one of the architects of Centering Prayer, a contemporary method of contemplative prayer, that emerged from St. Joseph’s Abbey, Spencer, Massachusetts, in 1975. […]

The Fruits of Centering Prayer

  The centering prayer retreat continues with the Brothers practising centering prayer.  Each session lasts twenty minutes, and the idea is that Brothers spend two sessions each day to enter into the silence and solitude of being with the mystery we call God. During the sessions we discussed the benefits of centering prayer in daily […]

The Method of Centering Prayer

Today we focus on the method of centering prayer that was made accessible to a wider audience through the writings of Thomas Keating and his organisation Contemplative Outreach.  In a way the method of centering prayer is very easy.  The instructions are: Choose a sacred word as the symbol of your intention to consent to […]

Centering Prayer Retreat

Week 3 of the Orientation Programme consists of a five-day centering  prayer retreat.  The aim of the five days is to introduce the Brothers to a contemplative lifestyle at the outset of the OP.  The aim of the retreat is to focus on the search for God as an essential element of Journeying Together.  At the […]

Check-in on Saturday

  Today is the second Saturday where we had a check-in where the Brothers shared on how the week had been for them.  For 90 minutes the Brothers divided into groups and explored their experiences of the past week.   The purpose of the check-in is to be open to listen to each other and […]

The Power of Affirmation

The day began with prayer and David continued with his workshop on Understanding Self and Others. The main part of the day dealt with the power of affirmations and the impact on them on the life of a community.  The Brothers learned about what Claude Steiner called ‘The Stroke Economy’ where he advised us to: […]

What Happens When We Say ‘Hello’ ?

Following the reflective morning prayer on the theme of openness, the workshop continued for the fourth day with the Brothers sharing their egogram – the profile of how they use their preferred functional ego states and in what circumstances.  Having filled in their own egogram, they had invited another Brother to give them feedback as […]