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Getting to know you!

After some words of welcome from Br David, the day began with the participants introducing themselves, and sharing something of their family and community from which they had come.  In groups of two, they then went on an Emmaus walk with a companion to share how they were feeling about the OP.  The Emmaus theme […]

The Opening Ceremony of the Orientation Programme in Tamale, Ghana

The opening ceremony of the third Orientation Programme took place in Tamale, Ghana on Sunday 17 September.  It was a moving event with the Brothers assembling to enter into this significant event in the life of the Congregation of Christian Brothers.  Guests from the local area added to the celebration.  We were delighted to have […]

Chris Meehl explains Journeying2gether.

Journeying Together A JOURNEY OF BROTHERS            Friends. Welcome to our gathering today and thank you all for coming. We are here for a special reason – to support our Brothers here, on their journey – Enter the New Country You who have recently arrived in Ghana. It is a journey into many unknowns … […]

The TST Team

                          The TST team comprises Sr Brigit Mathew, a  Presentation Sister who has been  involved            with the Christian Brothers for many years.  She was on the  Province  Renewal Team in Zambia for a number of years, and is […]

Journeying Together during the Third Cluster

As the time approaches for the third Orientation Programme (OP), preparations are underway to have everything ready for the arrival of the Brother participants. The theme of the third cluster is ‘Journeying Together’ where we seek to invite the Brothers to engage with the programme fully and actively. The idea of journeying together has many […]

The Conclusion of the Orientation Programme

Finally we have come to the end of the Orientation Programme, having experienced a rich and varied series of workshops, lectures, therapies and reflective practices to name but a few of the elements of the programme. The conclusion of the OP was ritualized in a moving ceremony that took place at the Pastoral Centre, the […]

Evaluation of the Orientation Programme

                          The day began with a morning Mass celebrated by Fr. Walter Fernandes, S.J. who later on carried out an evaluation of the Orientation Programme.  This early morning Mass was the final Eucharist to be celebrated by the group, and so it held […]

The Heart of the Matter

The morning prayer was based on the writings of Oriah Mountain Dreamer – a piece entitled ‘The Invitation’.  Different twosomes took a phrase from this passage, reading it firstly to a com panion with the companion then addressing the same phrase to the wider community.  The centre piece designed by Aurea was heart-shaped to focus […]

Carmo Narona, Director of the Bethany Society

After the morning prayer conducted by Sunil, we had Carmo Narona, the Director of the Bethany Society.  Carmo was for many years a Brothers, and then decided to establish an organisation that would respond to the needs of the poor.  The Bethany Society’s mission is to offer an inclusive education to people with disabilities.  Carmo […]

Community Facilitation

Today, Monday, began a two-day session with M.C. Abraham, a Holy Cross priest.  MC has worked with the group on two previous occasions and the Brothers have found him excellent in facilitating the group to share at a deep level.  It was Jean Vanier who said that every community can benefit from the regular engagement […]