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Preparation in Glenburn

PIC: Phil Grundy and Sean McManus being missioned by Leonard, Peter and Richard Walsh on behalf of the Oceania Province For the past 8 days Phil Grundy and Sean McManus have been guests of the Glenburn Ecology and Spirituality Centre community where they have been on retreat preparing to enter the Orientation Program in Nairobi […]

Reporting from Ndei Liwa program

PIC: Fr. Paul Turay presenting the workshop on Conflict Management Days 11, 12 (18 & 19 August) There was an excitement in the group as the vehicles set off for the Integration Day. Everyone knew that the purpose of the day was for each participant to have some hours of silence to put together the rich […]

Our Ndei Liwa experience

We bring you warm greetings on behalf of all the brothers gathered here at the Senan Kerrigan Formation Centre in Bo, southern Sierra Leone,  for the “Ndei Liwa” programme, during which we seek to deepen Brotherhood in our own context. As a Congregation, we are witnessing a crucial Spirit and grace filled moment of continued […]

Understanding Self and Others

  On Monday David Gibson began a 5-day workshop on Understanding Self and Others. The group engaged enthusiastically in the exercises and realized they were learning a lot about how to live in community. On Tuesday the group was delighted to welcome Paul Luseni who arrived after completing duties at the university in Makeni. The […]

Exploring the Congregation Story and OWITF

PIC: Peter Dowling presenting a session on the Congregation Story 11th and 12th Aug On Saturday morning Peter Dowling led the group in reflecting on the Congregation story and OWITF.  The opening prayer brought us to Moses at the burning bush receiving his new call to action. The video “The Story of a People led […]

Musings from Umtyrkhrang

PIC: Nurse from nearby Mawhati dispensary giving an awareness program on Prenatal care. The month of May seemed to be buzzing with activities and meetings. Sunil and Ruvan from the TST visited the brothers here providing pastoral support to the brothers and walking with us in this journey. Sunil did follow-up sessions on Non-Violent Communication which […]

Opening Ritual of Ndei Liwa

  Ndei Liwa is the name of the West Africa Orientation Program which began on 8th August at the Formation House in Bo, Sierra Leone. In Mende Ndei Liwa means “deepening brotherhood’ … going to the core or heart of brotherhood. Eleven Brothers are participating in the programme which is being facilitated by Ruvan Rebello […]

Creating the Ndei Liwa community

8th & 9th August The group of ten Brothers from West Africa, along with Ruvan and Francis from TST, and Peter Dowling from CLT, gathered in the Formation Centre in Bo, Sierra Leone for the start of the Ndei Liwa programme. Ruvan led us in prayer, drawing from John Philip Newell’s The New Harmony about […]

Lines from Limulunga

PIC: Signing on for the workshop on fish farming Greetings from Limulunga, where we seem to have skipped Spring and are facing our four hottest driest months (August – November), with the rains, we hope, to arrive in December. The mango and cashew trees that shade our Royal Village are in flower, and are literally humming […]

Limulunga newsbytes

PIC: Refreshments break for participants in the Tackling Hardships programme   Greetings from Limulunga, where the cold dry season is yielding to the hot dry season. Almost all the rain falls in the four months between December and April, then we dry out – first, with cold winds from the south-east, then the heat returns. […]