A Week of Group Therapy

Our faithful readers will have noticed that there has not been a posting on the website for the last week.  This is because for the last five days (Monday to Friday) there have been sessions of group therapy for all the participants of the OP.  Sr Agnes Mativo RSM, Sr Jacinta Ondeng SSND and Phyllis Muraya were the three therapists who guided the twenty-one Brothers in sharing deeply their lives in three groups of seven.  This was a truly enriching time as well as a challenging experience where the Brothers had the opportunity to journey deeply, sharing their experiences and interacting one with the other in the safe space of a therapeutic setting.  The experience of group therapy has become a regular feature in the OP, and most have expressed a real appreciation for this opportunity.

Following the intense five-day experience, the Brothers scattered in all directions today, earning a well-deserved break from the intensity of the week!

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