Blended Beings

Michael Maguire continued his workshop on formation by stressing the fact that we are blended beings.  By this he meant that we are a mixture of motivations and that we need to learn how to accept this with courage and openness.  He said that growth involves developing a secure base where we can become response – able (i.e. able to respond positively) and act with responsibility (the ability to respond).  He went on to say that we need to be conscious of where we place our attention: on our strengths or on our weaknesses.  We have a choice, he stressed, and by choosing enabling energies, we strengthen our lives and avoid what Caroline Myss calls ‘woundology’.

During the morning, he explained how the brain works with regard to stress or attack.  He showed how we are inclined to go the ‘fast and dirty route’, by-passing the neocortex, and leading to knee-jerk reactions.  Whereas at other moments we can engage the rational part of the brain (neocortex) and learn to respond in a more measure way.

Another important concept Michael introduced was the idea of the three pillars of our identity: a) “I am” (in my body, my spirit and in my relationships b) “I have” ( my capacities and resources) and c) “I can” (referring to my ability to take action).

Towards the end of the day, some theological discussions took place around the vow of celibacy.

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