Co-Creative Leadership

Donal and David presented this three-day workshop.  David began by outlining how religious orders grow, develop and usually decline within the space of three hundred years.  He then went on to show how organisations can go through various stages before ceasing to exist.  He then explained how Theory U is designed to move organisations that are not performing as they could to a place where they re-kindle the original vision and begin once again to crystallise the core vision.  This leads to a time of prototyping where a group within the organisation ‘tries out’ a new initiative that can reflect where the organisation wants to go.

Donal then invited those Brothers who had attended the Congregation Leadership Group (CLG) last June, to share how they experienced the process that focussed a lot on the toxins that can be found in our Congregation.

The final session involved the Brothers forming groups of leaders and formators to identify the toxins that may be in their area of influence.

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