Community Engagement Skills

Brothers Alysious Sefoi and Chuck Fitzsimmons led morning prayer this Thursday, February 15, letting the Lentan scriptures resound in the assembled Brothers: “Happy the man who fears the Lord,” and “Take up your cross…”

The first morning session of 1.5 hours was taken up by a special visitor, Ms. Nomathemba N. Muhali, a social worker of the Department of Social welfare.  Ms. Noma, through many stories experienced in her career, insisted on a collaborative model for social welfare, not depending on government alone, but involving many sectors of the community to look out for “the best interests of the child,” and the best interests of any vulnerable sector of the population.  Particularly noted were the Area Coordinating Committees of many local areas, volunteers who serve their community by being aware of problems and following up the measures decided by the Agency or dictated by the courts.

In the second part of the morning, our instructor Ms. Ngula Ikafe Mubonda led the Brothers through a consideration of Community Engagement skills: communication, process, planning and evaluation.  Flexibility is a key ingredient as an intervention responds to changing circumstances.  Ms. Ngula used the afternoon session to show a series of fine videos featuring local families in the Mongu area responding to the challenge of changing gender awareness and the value of neighbors learning and working together as a group.

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