Community Engagement Workshop

Brothers Joseph Kapalu and Emanuel Allieu led the Brothers in a community prayer that asked us to open our hearts to the people and to God, a fine theme this Monday, February 12, as Advanced Skills Training enters the second of its two months, concentrating now on its core teaching, that of Community Engagement.  Compared to a week we spent on Mission, and another week we studied Child Protection, the AST now will study community engagement for four weeks, until the end of the program in March.

Ms. Ngula Ikafe Mubonda was on hand, accompanied by Fine Nasilele, Margaret Inaka, and David Chala Muwowo, colleagues who will assist Ms. Ngula throughout these four weeks.  Community Engagement, we were taught, “deliberately involves us with the community, to listen, to join, to lead and to enable conversation around a given topic or issue, in order bring about a win-win situation.”  CE is both a process and an outcome, in which we work with the people in order that they accept responsibility for solving their own problems.  As it´s said in Silosi, “Munwana ulimunwi hautubi,” or “You can´t kill a louse with one finger”: you need several fingers, and CE needs a community of interested people who can inform, consult, involve, advocate, and empower.

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