Companionship of Empowerment and the Charism

Today Donal and David presented some of the material of Diarmuid on the companionship of empowerment and the Charism of the Congregation.

Donal outlined the idea of kingship in the time of Jesus, identifying the following qualities that kingship had in those days

–  Unruly creation governed and controlled by rulership from on high

–  Divine rulership mediated primarily by the male King; the king is regarded as divine.

–  Kingly rule/authority is absolute and unquestioned

–  Kingly rule is about people, hierarchically structured; anthropocentric.

–  Kings reigned from within a palace embellished with heavenly glory

–  Kingly servants followed the hierarchical structure validated in heaven

–  Access to the kingly palace had to be earned by the select few.

–  People knew no other form of governance; despots often replaced by other despots.

– Authentic messianic figures had to be kingly in nature, and descend from a royal line.

Donal then went on to explain how Jesus viewed kingship and how he promoted the companionship of empowerment instead, when:

–  Jesus subverted the culture of power with a radically new strategy of empowerment

–  Jesus undermined conditionality with unconditional love

–  Jesus undermined royal privilege with radical inclusiveness

–  Jesus undermined divine (royal) privilege by prioritising the ordinariness of the human

–  Jesus undermined hierarchy by adopting the relational matrix of creation

–  Jesus abandoned rational argument in favour of subversive stories

–  Jesus broke rules without apology or explanation

–  Jesus denounced the disciples every time they tried to make him a king.

In the afternoon, Donal outlined four types of leadership, stressing the need for co-creative leadership within the Congregation.

David then went on to talk about the charism of the Congregation, outlining some of the features of charism that need to be maintained.

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