A Contemporary Understanding of the Bible

The morning began with a prayer based on the day’s gospel reading on the feast of St. Andrew.  This then led to Donal and Brigit presenting a workshop on a contemporary understanding of the Bible.  In this workshop, they focused on the Hebrew Bible since the group had already done a workshop on the New Testament with Francis and Brigit.

The session began with the question, ‘What do we understand by the Word of God’. It went on to say that the Bible is not there by the direct communication by God.  Rather, Donal explained, God communicates within the ambit of our everyday experience.  The books of the Bible are not records of divine revelation; rather they are interpretations of a revelation, written out of a particular paradigm and from a specific culture.  The Word of God is the word of human beings who speak of God.

The Brothers were then invited to examine the creation story, the story of the flood and the Exodus story to see what meaning it has for us today.

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