Day 2 – The New Story

Tony and Lynette began the second day of the workshop on cosmology.  They introduced the idea of the imaginal cells that appear in the life of the butterfly.  These imaginal cells are initially attacked by the old cells in the hope of staying the way they were.  But gradually the imaginal cells gathered force together and eventually they developed into what became the butterfly.  Tony made the connection between the imaginal cells of the butterfly and the life of Journeying Together where Brothers who are joining the JT will find themselves challenged and even attacked.

Lynette then introduced the thinking of Brian Swimme who said that the new knowledge of the universe is beginning to impact on the way we think and believe.  Tony then pointed out that change has been taking place in the Congregation and this change is reflected in Journeying Together.  The choice is whether we want to be the last chapter in the old story or the first chapter in the new story!

Lynette also pointed to the Sustainable Development Goals as a new Story that potentially could transform the world.

We then viewed the video called, ‘The Awakening Story’.  This video stressed the wonder of new discoveries and pointed to the danger of ignoring the impact that exploitation and pollution are having on the health of the Earth.

Later in the morning, the Brothers went on pilgrimage to visit four ecological or cosmological stations that Lynette and Tony had set up in the grounds of our formation centre.

In the afternoon, the group began with the prayer entitled ‘The Canticle of Creation’.  Then the Brothers presented a theme from the booklet on Laudato Si.  As each presented the theme, he stressed what could be done practically in the context of the new communities.


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