Discernment Process

The morning prayer included the ceremony of the renewal of annual vows for Bruce, Clive and Smart.  We also celebrated the birthday if Kephas who was 36 today.

The first session of the morning was devoted to the idea of discernment.  Francis Hall facilitated this session, inviting the Brothers to examine what is involved in a discernment process, and to explore the difference between decision making and a process of discernment.  He then offered an exercise in discernment where the Brothers took some personal time to list two or three actions that could do after the OP.  Francis stressed the importance of interior freedom in any form of discernment, and when the Brothers re-assembled, they shared some of the insights they had gained.

The second session was devoted to harvesting the learnings from the week.  Here again, the Brothers took some personal time to see what they had learnt from the week’s programme.  They used the 4 Rs of harvesting:  Resonance, Resistance, Re-alignment and Resolution.  Then, in the open forum, they shared some of the learnings that they had harvested.

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