Edmund Rice Mission and Ministry- Day 4

Francis continued his workshop by showing the video of A People Led by the Spirit which outlined the development of the Congregation since its earliest foundation, and leading to the present day.  Then he invited the Brothers to reflect on the message of Philip Pinto, the then Congregation Leader, who encouraged the Brothers to dare to face the new challenges that the agenda of the world was presenting to us.

Later, he continued the conversation on the life in the clusters in Western Province, Zambia and in India, and this lively discussion continued for quite a while.

Then, the Brothers presented the various ministries that they are engaged in and reflected on how these ministries reflect the changing face of the Congregation and the renewed vision of ministry.

In the afternoon, there was an open forum where the Brothers had the opportunity to discuss some crucial matters concerning especially the Africa Province.  This lively discussion was in preparation both for the forthcoming assembly and for the imminent visit of the CLT to the Orientation Programme.

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