Edmund Rice Mission – Day 3

Francis continued the workshop on Edmund Rice mission by focusing on the framework document where it outlines the mission of the Congregation.  Words like compassion, liberation of the people, the marginalized, mutual transformation and human rights all point to the direction that the Congregation is taking.

Francis invited the Brothers to reflect on the challenges that they are facing in their ministry, and to consider where the Lord is calling them in response to the changing needs of our time.

Francis then introduced a film that described the work of the Good Shepherd Sisters who were working with the poor of Kolwezi who were suffering from the work they were doing in the cobalt mines.  Gradually the Sisters established education centres for the children and women to offer them an alternative to the dangerous work in the mines.

Francis then encouraged the Brothers to reflect on the work of the Good Shepherd Sisters and to make connections with the mission of the Christian Brothers.

In the afternoon, Francis presented a PowerPoint on life in the clusters, and this led to a lively discussion on various aspects of this initiative.

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