Evaluation of the Orientation Programme

Bev Watkinson came to assist the Brothers to evaluate the OP. Bev formerly worked in Centrecare in Queensland and has been in Nairobi for the last two years. She is a volunteer at the Ruban Centre. She encouraged the group to be honest as they reflect on the process of the OP. She introduced the 5 Ps: Participant, Passenger, Pilot, Prisoner, Protector as a tool for reflection and evaluation of the programme. She explained the various roles of the 5 Ps.

Participant:Actively involved in the learning process and is attentive

Passenger:Is ok to let others take the lead, and doesn’t want to take initiative

Pilot:The organizer who believes nothing will happen without them

Prisoner:I don’t want to be here and is afraid to allow things to change them

Protector:making sure everyone is happy and listening but are they so concerned with what is happening

She distributed a form where Brothers were invited to fill out where they positioned themselves with regard to the 5 Ps. Then, she invited the group to respond to the following questions:

What has changed for you?

So what!

What am I taking into the future? How will I put this material into my life?

The group then met to evaluate the various programmes and to show the evaluation on a time-line.Later groups were invited to compose a virtual Facebook page!

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