Final Evaluation

Today was the final day of the Orientation Programme and was devoted to evaluating the whole experience.  Bev Watkinson, from the Ruban Centre, conducted the morning’s work.

She began by stressing that every experience requires us to reflect on it so that we can learn and then apply the learning to our daily lives and work.   She invited the Brothers to assess what learning was achieved, the learning that went well as well as those aspects that worked less well and which could have been done differently. She used Kirkpatrick’s model of Reactions, Learnings, Results and Behaviours to identify how the Brothers integrated the whole experience.

She also asked some volunteers to share how they experienced the conflict management workshop and  the prayer experience. She then invited every Brother to draw a timeline where they marked which of the course had a positive or negative impact on him and these timelines were collected for further analysis.

Bev also introduced the idea of five types of attendees:  participants, passengers, protesters, protectors and pilots, and invited Brothers to see in which categories they would put themselves.

Finally, each Brother was asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire on the whole experience of the OP which also will be collated by Bev.

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