Final Integration Day


Today, the Brothers have gone to spend the day in reflecting on what they have learnt over the past three months, and how the learnings have impacted on their lives.  This is a significant moment for them as they seek to integrate the various insights and learnings that have occurred over the twelve weeks of the programme.  One of the passages that were offered to them was the following:

When you are confronted by evidence that the faith in which you were brought up no longer provides an adequate explanation for the nature, meaning and purpose of your life, you have three choices. You can refuse to accept the evidence and continue as before. You can abandon the faith you grew up with because it has proved to be inadequate. Or, third, you can accept the new knowledge and use it to develop a more mature understanding of what lies at the core of your beliefs. The first response is intellectually dishonest. The second is intellectual laziness. The third is a stance of critical acceptance, leading to a reinterpretation of core concepts. . . .  It requires courage and a plethora (multitude) of other virtues that have been gathering dust in your spirit. Every advance in understanding invites us into a deeper faith.
(John Feehan, The Singing Heart of the World, 2012, 148)

The hope is that the Brothers have the courage to accept the new knowledge and use it to develop a more mature understanding for their future lives.

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