Five Levels of Community Engagement

At morning prayer on Ash Wednesday, February 14, Brothers Ackim Simasiku and Bonaventure Muunga asked the Brothers to fast from hurting words and pessimism, and be filled instead with kind words and hope.

The Brothers worked the entire morning responding to the challenge of instructor Ms. Ngula Ikafe Mubonda to imagine and develop an intervention in their country of origin that informs, consults, involves, collaborates with, and empowers the people: these are the five levels of community engagement.

Brothers Moy Hitchen and Chuck Fitzsimmons imagined an intervention in Nuevo Chimbote, Peru, where Chuck is missioned.  There the parents rally around the building and growth of initial and primary schools, but fade in establishing and development of secondary education.  The two Brothers imagined meeting and informing current parents and students as a way to build a base to involve unconvinced parents and children.  They imagined primary school visits and high school open house, collaborating with administration and teachers, leading to the empowerment of the local community through a legally established secondary education promotion group.

Two Brothers from Sierra Leone, Alyscious Sefoi and Dominic Kargbo, developed a multi-leveled response to the stigmatization endured by the survivors of the Ebola virus.  Starting with information, including church teaching about the dignity of the person, the Brothers ended by empowering many different people to face up to and claim the rights and self-respect of the survivors.

The Five Brothers from Zambia, Leo, Joseph, Bonaventure, Ackim and Peter, responded to youth pregnancies, informing, consulting, involving, collaborating with, and finally empowering a Youth Development and Agents Committee.

We prayed  for our Brother Donal in his hospital stay.

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