Focusing on the ‘Wants’ of a Community

On this Wednesday, February 21, Brother Ackim Simasiku invited the Brothers to reflect on their lives, getting in touch with their feelings, their bodies, and realizing the goodness of God in their lives.

Our professors, Mr. Fine Nasilele and Philip Kaunda, of the People´s Participation Institute, returned the ten Brothers of the Advanced Skills Training to their study of Community Engagement, today focusing on “visioning” and “planning.”  A central question: where is it we would like to be in two or three or five years?  In this context, the vision describes our hopes, and can be poetic and imaginary, full of possibilities, something we strive for.

The vision is the “what” we want, as contrasted with the plan, which is the “how.”  The plan analyzes, is a prose, reasoned mapping of policies: the plan is something we implement.

Then we assess our progress.  How well are we advancing: from awareness, to reaction, to acting occasionally, to acting regularly, and finally to acting naturally.

The Brothers once again split into the two groups which worked yesterday, intending now to apply the lessons of the day to their developing plans for community engagement.

Chuck Fitzsimmons

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