Gender Equality

Brothers Leo Mboo and Dominic Kargbo offered a video at morning prayer on Friday, February 16, that presented a river, with its smooth flow and its obstacles, with its rapids and even with its drying up, as a metaphor for the course of our lives, an insight for our Lenten journey.

The Brothers of the Advanced Skills Training then turned to an analysis of the four videos presented the afternoon before by our teacher, Ms. Ngula Ikafe Mubonda, with their emphasis on gender equality.  In three of the videos, actual village men spoke of their life as the male in the family, a life apart, drinking up their salaries and leaving “women´s work” to their wives.  But in each of these cases a breakthrough forced the men to reconsider their position: for one, it was the advice of friends and his church; for another it was the clear misery of his wife and children; for the third it was the increased profits that accrued when he and his wife began to cooperate in his work and their family life.  In all three videos the men were believably converted to a gender equality that increased the livability of their lives.

The class then turned to an exercise of defining the tools available in community engagement, envisioning the circumstances in which these tools might be of use, and imagining what disadvantages might arise in their employment.  For tools like art and creativity, workshops and focus groups, and web-based internet the Brothers, in two groups, filled several sheets with their findings and presented them in plenary session.

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