Growth and Change

The day began with a prayer on imagining how things can be for someone who dreams big.

Then, Donal led a workshop on growth and change, taking the image of the butterfly that evolves from the caterpillar through the chrysalis stage until the butterfly emerges.  He went on to ask the Brothers if they were willing to dissolve ourselves to become fully alive.  He asked, “Can we allow God to grow up within us?”

He pointed out that the future is not a place we are to go.  Rather we are creating the future and while the future is not clear, we make the path as we journey.

He showed how Jesus was calling people to a metanoia – an invitation to a higher knowledge.  He also quoted Bob Dylan who said, “If we not being busy being born, we are busy dying!” In a sense, he was saying that our hearts need to be broken – broken open for growth to happen.

Finally he explained the process of ENDING – TRANSFORMATION – EMERGENCE.

Then, the Brothers were invited in groups, to share moments when they experienced endings and how they managed them.

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