Harvesting and the CLT

The morning was spent harvesting the learnings from the previous week’s workshops as well as spending time with the Congregation Leadership Team.

The first part of the morning had the Brothers reflecting on what they had gained from the workshops on nonviolent communication and the Edmund Rice mission.  The Brothers had been given a reflection sheet the day before so that they could begin to consider the benefits that they had gained from the week’s inputs.  Then, in the morning they had further time for person reflection before coming together to share the fruits of their time alone.  This was indeed a rich moment of exchange and showed how beneficial the workshops had been.

Then the second part of the morning consisted of a discussion with the newly arrived CLT who are in Africa for the assembly that begins this evening.  Brothers felt free to ask some very important questions to the CLT and the dialogue between both parties was truly generative.

So, for the five days or so, the Brothers on the OP will be away at the Africa assembly, and the OP will continue next Tuesday.

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