Holistic Approach to Ministry

Hedwig continued her workshop on a Rights-Based Sustainable Mission by stressing the difference between the banking approach to education and the pedagogy of the oppressed.  In the former approach, the teacher is considered the one with all the information while the student is a passive receptacle for the knowledge being handed down.  In the latter approach, the teacher is seen more as an animator who provides a framework for common problem solving.

She went on to quote from Lao Tzu who said:”Go to the people, earn from them, live with them, start with what they know, build with what they have.”  She then focused on the elements of the TST Strategy document that emphasises presence, engagement, empowerment and transformation, stressing how this approach is both respectful and effective in working with people who have been made poor.

Finally, Hedwig outlined six strategies for doing a sustainable ministry.  These strategies focus principals on the target group in question as well as on the environment of this same group.  She stressed that the focus on the environment is vital so as to support the target group once they begin to change and develop.  By neglecting the environment, we run the risk of allowing the progress that is being made to diminish due to lack of support.

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