Integrating of Sexuality in Celebate Life

Today began the workshop on sexuality facilitated by Sister Lynette Rodrigues, a Presentation Sister, and Donal Kirk of the TST. The title of the workshop is ‘Integration of Sexuality in Celibate Life.’   Lynette began by asking the Brothers what aspects did they wish to have covered.  They listed the following:

  • Sexuality in the African context
  • Sexual orientation
  • Masculine/feminine sexual energy
  • Role of celibacy
  • Professional boundaries
  • Sex and the internet
  • Sexuality and spirituality
  • Sexual deviances
  • Coping with sexual desires

Donal presented some poems which seemed to indicate that men have greater difficulty in talking about intimate things, while women are more adept at this sort of conversation.  For celibates, it is vital to take sexuality into account if they are to remain in healthy relationships.

Lynette focused on energy as the core of our sexuality, and introduced the chakras as a way of tapping into our consciousness. Donal then went on to show how the energies of the universe- dark energy that expands the universe and dark matter that tends towards contraction – are 94% invisible while we can only see 6% of the energy of the universe. So, the dark matter is the binding energy within us, while the dark energy is the expanding energy within.

Donal said that love is the highest form of energy and that we are being transformed by and for love.

In the afternoon, the Brothers engaged in right-brain artistic endeavours to express their understanding of sexuality.

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