Laudato Si

Wednesday was a half day with classes only in the morning, following the pattern of previous weeks.

The morning prayer continued the Easter theme, with a reading telling how Mary turned twice before she recognized the Lord. We reflected on how we find it difficult to recognize the Risen Lord and in what circumstances we find it easier to do so.  The prayer also raised questions as to how our lives have been impacted by the Easter happenings.

The two sessions in the morning focused on Laudato Si. Discussions ensued around how the church, parish and community members are taking responsibility for care of the earth as well as what further steps we could take.  Some were questioning whether the church in general, and our own communities have a focus on care for the earth or are we lagging behind other organizations.

A second session used a video which featured Denis Edwards, Australian theologian, who led us through theological and spiritual aspects of Laudato Si. A second part of this comprised a panel of people teasing out the implications of Laudato Si and giving consideration to moral aspects of care for the earth.  All enjoyed the break in the afternoon for catching up on domestic chores and contacting friends.


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