Life in Nairobi

We were very fortunate to have had the wisdom and learning from Dr Aloys Otieno Ojore, lecturer in Tangaza University from the Arts and Social Sciences Department. Dr Aloys has a Doctorate in Practical Theology from Cambridge.  He lectures on religion, theology, social teaching of the Church, justice, and governance to name just some of his subjects.

Aloys gave a very extensive view on the political, economic and social reality of Kenya, and then went on to reflect on the role of leadership in the African context.  The concept of servant leadership seems to be almost alien to the current leadership styles in Kenya.

In the afternoon, Aloys discussed whether there is a culture or cultures in Africa and whether there are African religions or African religion.  This discussion was most interesting as it invited the Brothers to reflect on how Christianity and African religion often lie uneasily one with the other.

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