Looking to the Future

The morning prayer took the theme of ‘Embracing Change’ and took a passage from the Gitasaar which focused on the idea of the present happening NOW! The prayer concluded with the following prayer:

Face the future, for the past is over and gone.

Live with the memories.

Learn with the memories.

Learn from experiences.

Let go of grievances.

Resolve differences.

Live in the sight of God, in the way of God.

Be strong.

God has seen us through good times and bad.

God will bless our future as God has held our past.

God go with you.

Then Donal began the session on the idea of gardening, and went on to share how the Congregation Leadership Group reflected on the toxicity that had entered the Congregation. He stressed that, on an individual and community level, each Brother could be playing a part in recognizing the shadow in the body, bringing it into the light, and then working to heal the body.  Each one has a contribution to make in this process of healing.  This involves a commitment to change.

The Brothers then took personal time to make decisions as to what they will commit to doing when they return home, and what they will stop doing as well.

In the second session, Francis Hall introduced a conversation on the Journeying Togetherproject.  He invited various groups to examine various aspects of the ministry of the clusters. The Brothers looked at the benefits that accrued from the cluster, and some of the blocks that have prevented Brothers from joining the cluster.

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