Male Spirituality

The morning prayer focused on the idea of sharing our lives.  Taking a quotation from Jean Vanier, we reflected on how hard it is to share in community and how valuable it is to do so.

The morning was devoted to the idea of male spirituality and what it means to be a healthy man. Donal pointed out that the view of men as portrayed by society is often a very impoverished portrait.  The Brothers shared on the story of Iron John, discussing the imagery of the various elements of the fable, and seeing the connection between the imagery and our life as sexual beings and as men.

Later in the day, Donal explained how we channel our sexual energy.   We can be Non-assertive, assertive or aggressive, and Donal described how each of these ways can be seen in the way men behave.

Finally, the panel of Brothers responded to various questions from the group and shared their experience of living as celibate Brothers.

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