MBTI continues

Sunil prepared the morning prayer to fit in with the theme of his workshop on MBTI.  He based the reflection on Psalm 139 where the psalmist praises the Creator for being wonderfully made.  He then went on in the workshop to focus on the Thinking and Feeling ways we make decisions.  The thinking person seeks to solve problems and is good at analysing plans.  He or she tends to help by picking out the flaws in a project so as to improve it.  The Feeling person is more focused on what matters to others and is good at understanding people.  He or she tends to help by appreciating the positive first unlike the thinking person who tends to focus on the not so positive.

Sunil then went on to look at the judging and perceiving types.  The Judging person prefers an organised lifestyle and feels good making short and long-term plans and following them up.  They like to have things decided and definite.  The Perceiving person, on the other hand, has a more flexible lifestyle and is open to adjust to new information and changes.  They life to explore options.  The Judging person tries to avoid last-minute stresses and like to complete one task before beginning another one.  They like to work first and then relax and have fun.  The Perceiving person feels energised by last-minute pressures and may start many projects without having concluded the previous ones.  They play around while working and get more done that way.

In short, we are discovering that it takes all sorts to make liquorice !



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