MBTI – Day Two

On day two, Sunil explained the Sensing (S) and Intuition (N) pairings.  The S tends to focus on present experience and enjoys using and refining the known and familiar, whereas the I tends to focus on future possibilities and enjoys experimenting with the new and the different.

He described the S as people who prefer the factual and the concrete, taking in information from the five senses and preferring clear and complete instructions.  The I people are those who are imaginative and creative, and who like to learn different things in different ways. They like making up and idea more than producing it.

Sunil then went on to the thinking (T) and feeling (F) types where the former solves problems with logic and are good at analysing plans.  The latter (F) considers what matters to others and are good at understanding people, and tends to help by appreciating the positive first.

Both T and F are ways we make decisions.

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