Nelson Mandela and Apartheid

On Tuesday, the Brothers visited the Apartheid museum.  The Apartheid Museum takes you on a journey beginning with segregation, the cornerstone of apartheid, through the years of race classification and the oppression of the nationalist regime, then the rise of black consciousness and the armed struggle, to the release of Nelson Mandela and negotiations for peace. It finishes with celebration and hope for the future.

Again, this two-and- a- half-hour visit highlighted the leadership qualities of those who fought for justice and equality for those who suffered from the unjust apartheid system that lasted almost fifty years.

The guided tour took the Brothers through the Nelson Mandela section of the museum, and ended with the Apartheid section.  As the Brothers journeyed through the museum, they were invited to reflect on the following questions.

  • What is making an impression on you?
  • What moves you?
  • Name some of the feelings you experience
  • What questions are arising?
  • What is your overall response to the visit?



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