Orientation Programme Outreach

The Brothers moved out of St. Joseph’s Centre to experience life in Kibera   They first visited Mary Rice Centre which caters for differently abled children and found the experience moving and challenging.  They then walked through Kibera to witness the biggest slum in Kenya with over a million inhabitants.  Next, they went to various placements which they will be visiting on their next trip to Kibera.  And finally, they met with some of the inhabitants of Kibera to listen to their stories as to how they experience life under very difficult situations.  These stories witnessed to courage and love as people care for each other and work together to make like as good as is possible under tying circumstances.

On their return home to St. Joseph’s, the Brothers met to debrief on the experience and to share their various reactions to the day’s visit to an area of real poverty and an area of real human richness.

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