Our Personal Growth Map

The morning prayer prepared by Donal to fit in with the theme of the day: our personal growth map.  The Brothers were given a brief introduction on the idea of the personal growth map where they were invited to reflect on how they wished to grow and develop during the OP.  They looked at a SWOT analysis of themselves, and then examined how best they could avail of the riches of the OP for their personal development.  They reflected on what they would decide to stop doing and alternatively, what they would begin doing that might be helpful for a balanced lifestyle.

This session was done in private, and then Brothers went into their community groups to share the fruits of their reflection.  The group seemed to be most engaging, and some felt that even more time was needed for them to share all they wanted to share.

This being Wednesday, Ash Wednesday at that, there was the usual half day, and this gave the Brothers who did not attend Mass in the morning, to get a Mass in the local parish in the evening.

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