Professional Boundaries

The day was devoted to the important issue of professional boundaries.  Br Amandi Mboya from the District Leadership Team of the East Africa District and a member of their Community Support Team was the presenter of the programme on the protection of children and vulnerable adults.

Amandi explored the various dimensions of this topic, stressing the impact on children and vulnerable adults of abuse. He outlined the impact of abuse, and showed how children and vulnerable adults are always at risk when adults fail to provide the proper protection or cross professional boundaries.

Brothers shared their reactions to the abuse of children and vulnerable adults, and focused on the importance of making the safety of children and vulnerable adults a priority when engaged in ministry.

A very important dimension of the workshop was the exploration of specific behaviours that will ensure the safety of those to whom we minister.  In this way, the children and vulnerable adults will be afforded the safety and protection that they deserve.

The Brothers gathered later in the afternoon to celebrate a bread and wine prayer service, organised by Donal.

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