Project Cycle Management – Day 2

On Tuesday, February 6, morning prayer, led by Brothers Peter Malama and Moy Hitchen, focused on the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, once again bringing before the Brothers for prayer consideration these vital guidelines for Christian Brothers working with people made poor.

Ms. Mpala Nkonkomalimba then continued her exploration of Project Cycle Management with an explanation of the “stakeholder,” that is, any person who might be affected, either positively or negatively, by a project managed by the Brothers.  Parents of a child prostitute, for example, might support a project dealing with their child, or might resist it if family income is threatened.  As project planning begins, it is important to analyze which stakeholders may support or oppose the initiative, and the extent of their importance and influence.

Ms. Mpala then divided the group in two to begin a “problem tree” analysis of an issue the group chose.  The problem tree examines the various problems contributing to a situation needing intervention.  One group chose the deforestation of Zambia, and the other group chose the situation of youth, ages 14-18, aimlessly hanging around bars and other drinking spots in Limulunga.  Both groups engaged in lengthy discussion to develop a structural “tree” which identifies the problems, their causes, and their effects in their chose intervention.  The groups then presented their findings in a plenary session designed to invite analysis and constructive criticism from Ms. Mpala and the other Brothers.




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