Project Cycle Management – the final day

Brothers Leo Mboo and Dominic Kargbo led the Brothers in a morning prayer of healing, considering Jesus´ curing the man with speech and hearing defects.  “Be opened!” was a call to each of the Brothers, and to our instructor, Mpala Nkonkomalimbo, to unlock our hearts and ask for God´s healing.

The Brothers immediately returned to their exercise groups, where one group was preparing an intervention on the Afforestation of the Western Province of Zambia, and the other a project dealing with youth hanging aimlessly around the drinking spots in the town of Limulunga.  Ms. Mpala directed the groups to appraise their structural plan, called The Theory of Change: 1) were the steps relevant, leading to the desired outcome? 2) were the planned activities effective in leading to planned results? 3) were costs and actions efficient? 4) was their plan feasible?

The two teams of Brothers were required to determine if their plan was sustainable, if the benefits imagined would accrue to their targeted constituency, if the environment, gender issues, HIV sensitivities and people with disabilities had a place in their structures; and if their finances and resources were adequate and in order.

The two teams presented their final plan for review in the general session and learned from their mistakes as well as their accomplishments.  After an evaluation of the week´s workshop, Brother Alysious Sefoi led a thank you and an appreciation of the fine teaching of Ms. Mpala.


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