Questions and Answers

The morning consisted of two sessions where the Brothers reflected on the Proposition, and then reviewed their learnings from the week.  The questions and answer session focussed on the Proposition.  Different Brothers sought clarification on the various aspects of Our Way into the Future, and the life of the clusters that have been already established.  And interesting part of the discussion centred on the question of sustainability.  The Brothers wondered about how sustainability could be acheived in the short or long term. Donal chaired this session and offered some valuable insights into the life and spirituality of the Proposition.  There was also some discussion on the Advanced Skills Training that had been cancelled, and some wondered how the Brothers could be better prepared for ministry in the cluster.

The second session involved the Brothers reflecting their learnings from the week.  They spent an hour of personal time on looking back on the week and then came together to share some of the insights they had picked up over the last week.

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