Today Amandi and Bill began the day with looking back on what had been done the previous day and taking some of the reflections from the Brothers.

Then, they enacted a role play where a Brother returned to his community and attempted to introduce some of the spiritual practices that they had experienced during the OP.  A discussion followed where many expressed the idea that the challenge first lies with the individual Brothers to live what they had learnt over the last three months.  Then, gradually, they can suggest some changes while recognising that there could be some resistance to their suggestions.

Finally, Amandi and Bill invited the Brothers to write a letter to themselves, outlining what practically they intend doing when they return home to maintain the learnings of the OP.  They then exchanged these letters and the Brother receiving another Brother’s letter was asked to post it to the owner in a month or so, and then connect with that Brother to offer support on the continuing spiritual journey.

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