Today began a two-day process of helping the participants to think about how best to re-enter their communities.  The process was facilitated by the Community Support Team from the East Africa District comprising Tom Kearny, Bill Colford and Amandi Mboya.  The session began with the team playing the song Follow Me which led to a good discussion on the words of the song.

Then the team introduced three symbols: the sieve, the sponge and the flowing plant.  They asked the Brothers which symbol best reflected how they had entered into the Orientation Programme and what they had gained from it.

Finally, they share the story of the house by the river and how the owner wanted to cross the river that had no bridge or stepping stones.  This parable prompted the group to reflect on what they needed to leave behind as they journey into the future.

This was a really fruitful day, helping the Brothers begin to think on how they are going to bring the learnings of the OP back home.

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