Ready for the Immersion…almost!

At morning prayer on February 23, Brother Dominic Kargbo and Leo Liyungu led the Brother on an examination of our community life: how do we really live together?  Do we support and love one another?  At evening prayer a beautiful ritual of washing each other´s hands focused the Brothers´ attention on service and forgiveness.

Our professors for community engagement, Mr. Fine Nasilele and Philip Kaunda, of the People´s Participation Service, began the morning of their final day of teaching by instructing the Brothers about the activities and timelines needed make real the services we imagine that will bring us to our dream.  The Brothers retired to their two groups to answer the What? Who? When? Resources? questions of their proposed activities.  With Philip guiding one group and Mr. Fine the other, the two groups finalized their interventions and presented them in full group session.

After this, two groups of Brothers, one to complete the morning and another in the afternoon, playacted conducting a meeting with villagers to begin an intervention process with them.  These tools may come in handy as the Brothers are immersed next week, for three days, in a village they have never seen, guided once again by the People´s Participation Service, who have taught us for the last two weeks.

Chuck Fitzsimmons

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