Reclaiming Jesus

Philip talked about reclaiming Jesus and by this he meant that we need to move away from a belief system about Jesus to an experience of God as revealed in the life and actions of Jesus.  The historical Jesus is what we are invited to explore because it was the historical Jesus who became a model of non-dual consciousness and a deep dynamic with all creation.

Jesus was the master cardiologist who made people’s hearts whole.  Jesus did note to change God’s mind about us; Jesus came to change our minds about God.  Jesus did not want people to worship him but rather invited people to follow him.

So, when we talk about Jesus Christ, we do not mean that Christ is his surname!  The Chris is the perfect image of the meeting of the human and the divine.  And so, the early Christians experienced a sense of divinity in the humanity of Jesus.  Jesus was showing the best image of God in human flesh.  And we are called to do the same.

The challenge, therefore, is for us to become more and more the image of the divine so that people begin to see in us the image of the Godhead, and that we, in turn, can begin to recognise the divine in our sisters and brothers!

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