Rights-Based Sustainable Development

Rights-based sustainable mission

This two-day workshop is being facilitated by Hedwig Nafula from the Wholistic Leadership Group.  Hedwig began by stressing the importance of recognising the part that God plays as we are being sent to serve.  She outlined the elements of the workshop as:

  • Learning project language
  • The move from charity, needs-based approach to a rights-base approach
  • Explore the wholistic approach to mission
  • Determining which way to go

In the session on project language, Hedwig introduced the concepts of input, output, outcomes and impact.  For some of the group, this was like learning a new language and some found it challenging to understand the differences in each of the concepts.

Later in the day, Hedwig showed how the traditional charity model of aid developed through a needs-based approach to an empowerment model until we now are stressing a rights-based development strategy.

The day concluded with a good discussion on the various elements of the various models of development.

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