The Savour of S.A.L.T.

At morning prayer on Monday, February 19, Brothers Emmanuel Allieu and Joseph Kapalu focused the Advanced Skills Training community on our need to reach out:  “…for I was hungry…I was naked….I was in prison…”

Mr. Fine Nasilele and Philip Kaunda, our new instructors for this second week of Community Engagement, led us through a study of the stakeholders in any intervention we may enter: besides the usual suspects, like the traditional leader, and civic and church leaders, etc., the teachers urged the Brothers to take into account the “opinion leaders,” people in the community who can be a force on your side, or a formidable foe if opposed to you.

The Brothers must be aware of “social capital,” the networks, social ties and support systems within the community that can fortify their efforts.  Indeed, “Participatory decision-making can uncover and mobilize community assets and resources that would otherwise have been overlooked.”

Any good community organizer will employ the SALT system: S, for stimulate, support and share; A, for appreciate; L, for listen, learn and link; and T, for Team, Transfer, and Transform.  The Brothers should look to mobilize the community, to build dreams with them, to assess their findings, and finally to prioritize and execute an action program.

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