Sexuality and Spirituality

Donal and Lynette continued their workshop on sexuality, stating that the journey towards integration is all about how with engage with this energy.  If we don’t channel it in a healthy way, it will seek attention in other unhealthy ways.  It can lead to integration or drift in various ways to addictions.  How we channel this energy is our spirituality.

Our soul – the source of life – is our deepest self and it’s vital that our soul be healthy as soul regulates our energies.  Our energies without the principle of integration leads to chaos and dissipation, while the principle of integration on its own without our energies leads to rigidity and suffocation.

Donal then gave the Brothers an exercise on how they frame their day.  The objective of the exercise was to provide the opportunity for everyone to see what emphasis do they put on all aspects of their life:  spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, professional etc.

In the afternoon Donal dealt with the vow of chastity where the vow aims to radiate values that society may have forgotten or undervalued.  Religious take the vow so as to keep these values alive.


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