Sexuality Workshop

Donal gave a very comprehensive four-day workshop on sexuality.  He explained how sexuality and spirituality are intimately linked, and how the dark energy (expanding) and dark matter (contracting) reflect the two-fold dynamic of sexuality that is expansive on the one hand and yet needs also to be grounded in reality.

He differentiated between women and men as to how they manage their sexuality.  Often for men the subject of sexuality is inclined to be a taboo subject, while women seem more at ease discussing many aspects of sexuality.

Donal then went on to journey through the sexual life-cycle of an individual, highlighting the areas of underdevelopment and how these areas need to be dealt with before moving on to the next stage.  He pointed out that some people never manage to reach the full maturity of a sexual person.

Finally, he explained how we are being invited to move through a series of stages to arrive at a mature level of celibacy.

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