Sexuality Workshop

This week begins a new workshop on sexuality that is being facilitated by Donal and Alba. They began with inviting the Brothers to share their expectations for the workshop, and then introduced the Standards of Presence for the safe sharing of very personal aspects of a Brother’s life.

Donal began the workshop by suggesting that men find it more difficult to share their feelings and intimate details of their lives than women do.  The workshop, therefore, aims to encourage the sharing of feelings.

Later, Alba inviting Brothers to create a web of their relationships and to reflect on the nature of these relationships.  Alba was stressing the importance of intimacy in relationships. The Brothers then spent some time analyzing the web that they had created, noticing the number of relationships and the balance between male and female relationships.

The Brothers then shared their definitions of sexuality and most of the contributions referred to an element of energy that lies at the heart of our sexuality. Donal went on to share Sue Monk Kidd’s definition of sexuality and Rolheiser’s definition.

Donal explained that the energy that creates love comes from the binding energy (Dark Matter) and the expanding energy (Dark Energy) at work in our Universe, an energy of attraction.  These energies are available to us.


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