Spirit, Soul and Body

The first week of the Leaders and Formators Program (LFP) is being devoted to the area of formation.  Fr Michael Maguire, a Columban Priest from the Philippines is the input person for the week.  He stressed that contrary to the usual approach in formation that often put emphasis on thought processes, this new paradigm shift stresses the importance of the body and the energy which is “the divine breath of life that animates us.”  He showed how holding onto negative energy limits the amount of energy we have to nourish ourselves.  He pointed out how anger, resentment and revenge all draw down our reserves of energy, and it takes forgiveness to begin to overcome this diminishment.

A key concept he introduced was the idea of serve and respond were each of us needs to interact with others both in the way we express ourselves and in the manner in which we respond to the serve of the other person.

Another important concept was the idea of the ‘Then Self’ and the ‘Now Self’, stressing the idea that we need to distinguish between what happened to us in the past and how we are in the present.  He said we needed to make a decision whether we want to live in the past, or manifest our ‘Now Self’. In this he stressed the importance of taking responsibility for our actions and experiences.

In the afternoon, he introduced the idea of fear and how fear can kill our intuitive selves. Most of this session explored how intuition can liberate us from the fear of making mistakes and enable us to move forward.

Finally, he stressed the importance of taking action as an antidote to the paralysing effects of fear.

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