Spiritual Practices, Journaling and Communication

After our centering prayer, the community came again to pray on the theme of cosmic energy and on the power of the present moment. This prayer was led by Sister Alba who invited the Brothers to become aware of how they were in the present.

Then Donal introduced a session on new ways of praying in the light of Our Way into the Future.  He then shared with the group the content of the pen drive with the various spiritual resources contained therein.  This resource is an invaluable help for our spiritual journey.

Donal then invited the Brothers to share on the following questions:


  • What is prayer for you?
  • How do you pray?What do you actually do?
  • When do you pray? What is the best time for you?
  • How did your ancestors pray?
  • Do you continue with any of those early practices?


The sharing that followed was a rich experience of a growing realisation that each one had their own style of prayer and that prayer styles change at different times of our lives. Donal stressed the importance of being conscious, of being awake.  Each one, he said, has his or her own image of God.  God is beyond description.  The new consciousness underlines the sacredness of the earth where everything is sacred.

Later in the morning, David introduced the topic of community and communication.  He outlined the idea of feedback and the process of communication between sender and receiver.  He went on to present the idea of generative listening where people move from an open mind, through an open heart until they arrive at an open will.  A lively discussion ensued.

In the afternoon Sunil began to explore the idea of journaling as a method of recording the learnings from the OP, and creating a space for reflection on the impact that the OP is having on the person.

The day concluded with a Eucharist.




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